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2021Interferon Gamma Induces the Increase of Cell-Surface Markers (CD80/86, CD83 and MHC-II) in Splenocytes From Atlantic Salmon
Morales-Lange, B.; Ramírez-Cepeda, F.; Schmitt, P.; Guzmán, F.; Lagos, L.; Øverland, M.; Wong-Benito, V.; Imarai, M.; Fuentes, D.; Boltaña, S.; Alcaíno, J.; Soto, C.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article
2019Immune response assessment of Atlantic salmon against P. salmonis in sea-cage farming centers
Schmitt, P.; Davey, M.L.; Ramirez, F.; Morales, B.; Marshall, S.; Gayosa, J.; Fuentes, D.; Soto, M.; Reveco, E.; Alcaino, J.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article
2019Molecular markers associated with antigen presentation process in Atlantic salmon during outbreaks of Piscirickettsia salmonis at sea farming centers
Morales-Lange, B.; Schmitt, P.; Fuentes, D.; Olave, J.; Soto, M.; Gayosa, J.; Alcaino, J.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article
2016Piscirickettsia salmonis imbalances the innate immune response to succeed in a productive infection in a salmonid cell line model
Álvarez, C.A.; Gomez, F.A.; Mercado, L.; Ramirez, R.; Marshall, S.H.
Journal Article
2014Antimicrobial activity of trout hepcidin
Álvarez, C.A.; Guzmán, F.; Cárdenas, C.; Marshall, S.H.; Mercado, L.
Journal Article