Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Are delayed issues harder to resolve? Revisiting cost-to-fix of defects throughout the lifecycle
Menzies, T.; Nichols, W.; Shull, F.; Layman, L.
Journal Article
2017Less is more: Minimizing code reorganization using XTREE
Krishna, R.; Menzies, T.; Layman, L.
Journal Article
2016Topic modeling of NASA space system problem reports. Research in practice
Layman, L.; Nikora, A.P.; Meek, J.; Menzies, T.
Conference Paper
2015LACE2: Better privacy-preserving data sharing for cross project defect prediction
Peters, F.; Menzies, T.; Layman, L.
Conference Paper
2013Local versus global lessons for defect prediction and effort estimation
Menzies, T.; Butcher, A.; Cok, D.; Marcus, A.; Layman, L.; Shull, F.; Turhan, B.; Zimmermann, T.
Journal Article
2000Issues with meta-knowledge
Menzies, T.; Althoff, K.-D.; Kalfoglou, Y.; Motta, E.
Journal Article
2000Meta-knowledge in systems design: Panacea ... or undelivered promise
Kalfoglou, Y.; Menzies, T.; Althoff, K.-D.; Motta, E.
Journal Article