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2016Reduction of the elongation at break of thermoplastic polyolefins through melt blending with polylactide and the influence of the amount of compatibilizers and the viscosity ratios of the blend components on phase morphology and mechanics
Vogt, C.; Endres, H.-J.; Bühring, J.; Menzel, H.
Journal Article
2014Effects of enhanced image quality in infrastructure monitoring through micro aerial vehicle stabilization
Kuo, C.-H.; Kanlanjan, S.; Pagès, L.; Menzel, H.; Power, S.; Kuo, C.-M.; Boller, C.; Grondel, S.
Conference Paper
2009Azobenzene-containing polymers for surface relief gratings
Börger, V.; Pohle, S.; Kuliskovska, O.; Gharaggozloo-Hubmann, K.; Stumpe, J.; Menzel, H.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2009Surface relief gratings in azobenzene-containing polymers with linear and star-branched architectures: A comparison
Gharaggozloo-Hubmann, K.; Kulikovska, O.; Börger, V.; Menzel, H.; Stumpe, J.
Journal Article
2005Novel polymers to study the influence of the azobenzene content on the photo-induced surface relief grating formation
Börger, V.; Kuliskovska, O.; Hubmann, K.G.; Stumpe, J.; Huber, M.; Menzel, H.
Journal Article