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2016Standardization of PCM characterization via DSC
Gschwander, S.; Haussmann, T.; Hagelstein, G.; Barreneche, C.; Ferrer, G.; Cabeza, L.F.; Diarce, G.; Hohenauer, W.; Lager, D.; Rathgeber, C.; Hennemann, P.; Höhlein, S.; Mehling, H.; Penalosa, C.; Lazaro, A.
Conference Paper
2015Round-Robin Test of Paraffin Phase-Change Material
Vidi, S.; Mehling, H.; Hemberger, F.; Haussmann, T.; Laube, A.
Journal Article
2011Subcooling in PCM emulsions - Part 2: Interpretation in terms of nucleation theory
Günther, E.; Huang, L.; Mehling, H.; Dötsch, C.
Journal Article
2010Subcooling in hexadecane emulsions
Günther, E.; Schmid, T.; Mehling, H.; Hiebler, S.; Huang, L.
Journal Article
2010Subcooling in PCM emulsions. Pt.1: Experimental
Huang, L.; Günther, E.; Dötsch, C.; Mehling, H.
Journal Article
1998Determination of the thermal diffusivity in diathermal materials by the laser-flash technique
Hofmann, R.; Hahn, O.; Raether, F.; Mehling, H.; Fricke, J.
Journal Article
1998Transient heat transfer in coated diathermic media. A theoretical study
Hahn, O.; Hofmann, R.; Mehling, H.; Raether, F.; Fricke, J.
Journal Article