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2019Nestin+ progenitor cells isolated from adult human sweat gland stroma promote reepithelialisation and may stimulate angiogenesis in wounded human skin ex vivo
Liao, T.; Lehmann, J.; Sternstein, S.; Yay, A.; Zhang, G.; Matthießen, A.E.; Schumann, S.; Siemers, F.; Kruse, C.; Hundt, J.E.; Langan, E.A.; Tiede, S.; Paus, R.
Journal Article
2015LPS-stimulated human skin-derived stem cells enhance neo-vascularization during dermal regeneration
Kisch, T.; Weber, C.; Rapoport, D.H.; Kruse, C.; Schumann, S.; Stang, F.H.; Siemers, F.; Matthießen, A.E.
Journal Article
2013Multipotent nestin-positive stem cells reside in the stroma of human eccrine and apocrine sweat glands and can be propagated robustly in vitro
Nagel, S.; Rohr, F.; Weber, C.; Kier, J.; Siemers, F.; Kruse, C.; Danner, S.; Brandenburger, M.; Matthiessen, A.E.
Journal Article