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2018In silico prediction of DILI: Extraction of histopathology data from preclinical toxicity studies of the eTOX database for new in silico models of hepatotoxicity
Amberg, A.; Anger, L.; Stolte, M.; Hemmerich, J.; Matter, H.; Fisk, L.; Tluczkiewicz, Inga; Pinto-Gil, K.; López-Massaguer, O.; Pastor, M.
2005Multiple-ligand-based virtual screening: Methods and applications of the MTree approach
Hessler, G.; Zimmermann, M.; Matter, H.; Evers, A.; Naumann, T.; Lengauer, T.; Rarey, M.
Journal Article
2003Extracting knowledge from high-throughput screening data: Towards the generation of biophore models
Zimmermann, M.; Rarey, M.; Naumann, T.; Matter, H.; Hessler, G.; Lengauer, T.
Conference Paper
2003HTSview - software which leads to lead ideas
Zimmermann, M.; Hindle, S.A.; Naumann, T.; Matter, H.; Hessler, G.; Baringhaus, K.H.; Lemmen, C.; Gastreich, M.; Rarey, M.
Conference Paper
1999Design and diversity analysis of compound libraries for lead discovery
Rarey, M.; Matter, H.
Book Article