Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Effect of Ecdysterone on the Hepatic Transcriptome and Lipid Metabolism in Lean and Obese Zucker Rats
Marschall, M.J.M.; Ringseis, R.; Gessner, D.K.; Grundmann, S.M.; Most, E.; Wen, G.; Maheshwari, G.; Zorn, H.; Eder, K.
Journal Article
2020Patterns of autologous and nonautologous interactions between core nuclear egress complex (NEC) proteins of α-, β- and γ-herpesviruses
Häge, S.; Sonntag, E.; Borst, E.M.; Tannig, P.; Seyler, L.; Bäuerle, T.; Bailer, S.M.; Lee, C.-P.; Müller, R.; Wangen, C.; Milbradt, J.; Marschall, M.
Journal Article
2017Begomoviral Movement Protein Effects in Human and Plant Cells
Krapp, S.; Schuy, C.; Greiner, E.; Stephan, I.; Alberter, B.; Funk, C.; Marschall, M.; Wege, C.; Bailer, S.M.; Kleinow, T.; Krenz, B.
Journal Article
2014Using multi-channel level sets to measure the cytoplasmic localization of HCMV pUL97 in GFP-B-gal fusion constructs
Held, C.; Webel, R.; Palmisano, R.; Hutterer, C.; Marschall, M.; Wittenberg, T.
Journal Article
2012Nuclear import of isoforms of the cytomegalovirus kinase pUL97 is mediated by differential activity of NLS1 and NLS2 both acting through classical importin-alpha binding
Webel, R.; Solbak, S.M.O.; Held, C.; Milbradt, J.; Gross, A.; Eichler, J.; Wittenberg, T.; Jardin, C.; Sticht, H.; Fossen, T.; Marschall, M.
Journal Article
2011Two isoforms of the protein kinase pUL97 of human cytomegalovirus are differentially regulated in their nuclear translocation
Webel, R.; Milbradt, J.; Auerochs, S.; Schregel, V.; Held, C.; Nöbauer, K.; Razzazi-Fazeli, E.; Jardin, C.; Wittenberg, T.; Sticht, H.; Marschall, M.
Journal Article
2011Using multimodal information for the segmentation of fluorescent micrographs with application to Virology and microbiology
Held, C.; Wenzel, J.; Webel, R.; Marschall, M.; Lang, R.; Palmisano, R.; Wittenberg, T.
Conference Paper