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2020Clinical evaluation of in silico planning and real-time simulation of hepatic radiofrequency ablation (ClinicIMPPACT Trial)
Moche, M.; Busse, H.; Futterer, J.J.; Hinestrosa, C.A.; Seider, D.; Brandmaier, P.; Kolesnik, M.; Jenniskens, S.; Blanco Sequeiros, R.; Komar, G.; Pollari, M.; Eibisberger, M.; Portugaller, H.R.; Voglreiter, P.; Flanagan, R.; Mariappan, P.; Reinhardt, M.
Journal Article
2020Validation of a Web-Based Planning Tool for Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Tumors
Oostenbrugge, T.J. van; Heidkamp, J.; Moche, M.; Weir, P.; Mariappan, P.; Flanigan, R.; Pollari, M.; Payne, S.; Kolesnik, M.; Jenniskens, S.F.M.; Fütterer, J.J.
Journal Article
2018RFA Guardian: Comprehensive Simulation of Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment of Liver Tumors
Voglreiter, P.; Mariappan, P.; Pollari, M.; Flanagan, R.; Blanco Sequeiros, R.; Portugaller, R.H.; Fütterer, J.; Schmalstieg, D.; Kolesnik, M.; Moche, M.
Journal Article
2017GPU-based RFA simulation for minimally invasive cancer treatment of liver tumours
Mariappan, P.; Weir, P.; Flanagan, R.; Voglreiter, P.; Alhonnoro, T.; Pollari, M.; Moche, M.; Busse, H.; Futterer, J.; Portugaller, H.R.; Sequeiros, R.B.; Kolesnik, M.
Journal Article
2017A prospective development study of software-guided radio-frequency ablation of primary and secondary liver tumors
Reinhardt, M.; Brandmaier, P.; Seider, D.; Kolesnik, M.; Jenniskens, S.; Sequeiros, R.B.; Eibisberger, M.; Voglreiter, P.; Flanagan, R.; Mariappan, P.; Busse, H.; Moche, M.
Journal Article
2015Go-Smart: Web-based computational modeling of minimally invasive cancer treatments
Weir, P.; Reuter, D.; Ellerweg, R.; Alhonnoro, T.; Pollari, M.; Voglreiter, P.; Mariappan, P.; Flanagan, R.; Park, C.S.; Payne, S.; Staerk, E.; Voigt, P.; Moche, M.; Kolesnik, M.
Conference Paper