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2019A new generation of high-speed electro-optical transceivers and flexible bandwidth wavelength selective switches for coherent DCI: the QAMeleon project approach
Zervos, C.; Spyropoulou, M.; Kanakis, I.; Lazarou, I.; Velthaus, K.O.; Rouvalis, E.; Torfs, G.; Goodbar, E.; Santos, R.; Tessema, N.M.; Lamprecht, T.; Johansen, T.K.; Hersent, R.; Mardoyan, H.; Dris, S.; Alexoudi, T.; Giardina, P.G.; Roccato, D.; Vickers, G.; Avramopoulos, H.
Conference Paper
2018Field trial evaluation and SDN configurability of an optical terabit transmitter based on passive polymer and InP technology
Pagano, A.; Katopodis, V.; Tsokos, C.; Mardoyan, H.; Morro, R.; Percelsi, A.; Roccato, D.; Felipe, D. de; Jorge, F.; Spyropoulou, M.; Groumas, P.; Jenneve, P.; Boitier, F.; Tienforti, M.; Annoni, A.; Avramopoulos, H.
Conference Paper
2018Multiflow Transmitter With Full Format and Rate Flexibility for Next Generation Networks
Katopodis, V.; Mardoyan, H.; Tsokos, C.; Felipe, D.; Konczykowska, A.; Groumas, P.; Spyropoulou, M.; Gounaridis, L.; Jennevé, P.; Boitier, F.; Jorge, F.; Johansen, T.K.; Tienforti, M.; Dupuy, J.-Y.; Vannucci, A.; Keil, N.; Avramopoulos, H.; Kouloumentas, C.
Journal Article
2018Optical terabit transmitter and receiver based on passive polymer and InP technology for high-speed optical connectivity between datacenters
Katopodis, V.; Tsokos, C.; Felipe, D. de; Spyropoulou, M.; Konczykowska, A.; Aimone, A.; Groumas, P.; Dupuy, J.-Y.; Jorge, F.; Mardoyan, H.; Rios-Müller, R.; Renaudier, J.; Jennevé, P.; Boitier, F.; Pagano, A.; Quagliotti, M.; Roccato, D.; Johansen, T.K.; Tienforti, M.; Vannucci, A.; Bach, H.-G.; Keil, N.; Avramopoulos, H.; Kouloumentas, Ch.
Conference Paper
2016WEC52 - Polarization-, carrier-, and format-selectable optical flow generation based on a multi-flow transmitter using passive polymers
Katopodis, V.; Spyropoulou, M.; Tsokos, C.; Groumas, P.; Felipe, D.; Keil, N.; Beretta, A.; Vannucci, A.; Johansen, T.K.; Quagliotti, M.; Pagano, A.; Dupuy, J.-Y.; Konczykowska, A.; Delezoide, C.; Mardoyan, H.; Kouloumentas, C.; Avramopoulos, H.
Conference Paper
2014PIC-to-PIC experiment at 130Gb/s based on a monolithic transmitter using switching of prefixed optical phases and a monolithic coherent receiver
Mardoyan, H.; Bertran-Pardo, O.; Jennevé, P.; Valicourt, G. de; Mestre, M.A.; Bigo, S.; Kazmierski, C.; Chimot, N.; Steffan, A.G.; Honecker, J.; Zhang, R.; Runge, P.; Richter, A.; Arellano, C.; Ortega-Moñux, A.; Molina-Fernandez, I.
Conference Paper