Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Bridging the gap between privacy requirements and implementation with semantic privacy modeling and a privacy technology framework
Lang, Ulrich; Davis, Mike; Schreiner, Patrick; Aichroth, Rudolf; Mann, Sebastian
Journal Article
2014Efficient Cross-Codec Framing Grid Analysis for Audio Tampering Detection
Gärtner, Daniel; Dittmar, Christian; Aichroth, Patrick; Schroth, P.; Cuccovillo, Luca; Mann, Sebastian; Schuller, Gerald
Conference Paper
2014A multi-codec audio dataset for codec analysis and tampering detection
Gärtner, Daniel; Cuccovillo, Luca; Mann, Sebastian; Aichroth, Patrick
Conference Paper
2013Audio tampering detection via microphone classification
Cuccovillo, Luca; Mann, Sebastian; Tagliasacchi, Marco; Aichroth, Patrick
Conference Paper
2013Blind microphone analysis and stable tone phase analysis for audio tampering detection
Cuccovillo, Luca; Mann, Sebastian; Aichroth, Patrick; Tagliasacchi, Marco; Dittmar, Christian
Conference Paper
2013Combining ENF phase discontinuity checking and temporal pattern matching for audio tampering detection
Mann, Sebastian; Cuccovillo, Luca; Aichroth, Patrick; Dittmar, Christian
Conference Paper