Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Non-destructive testing and mechanical characterization of thermosetting polymers used in pipeline rehabilitation
Manavipour, Maryam
: Boller, Christian (Betreuer)
2016Detection of hydrothermal aging in Cured-In-Place Pipes (CIPP) based on microwave system
Manavipour, Maryam; Sklarczyk, Christoph; Szielasko, Klaus; Kurz, Jochen Horst; Boller, Christian
Conference Paper
2016Monitoring of drying of cement screed with the help of ultra-wideband microwaves and air-coupled antennas
Manavipour, Maryam; Sklarczyk, Christoph; Szielasko, Klaus
Conference Paper
2016NDT-based assessment of shrinkages and dross in heavy nodular cast iron components of wind energy turbines
Kurz, Jochen Horst; Manavipour, Maryam; Kopp, Melanie; Bruche, Dietmar; Pudovikov, Sergey; Tschuncky, Ralf; Szielasko, Klaus
Conference Paper
2014The effect of water aging on Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) samples using non-destructive tests
Manavipour, Maryam; Kurz, Jochen; Sklarczyk, Christoph; Boller, Christian
Conference Paper
2013Millimeter-wave non-destructive testing of a cured in place pipe sample
Moll, Jochen; Manavipour, Maryam; Sklarczyk, Christoph; Krozer, Viktor; Boller, Christian
Conference Paper
2013Qualitätssicherung und Untersuchung von Kanal-Schlauchlinern mittels zerstörungsfreier Prüfverfahren
Manavipour, Maryam; Sklarczyk, Christoph; Kurz, Jochen Horst; Boller, Christian
Conference Paper