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2017Where, When, and How mmWave is Used in 5G and Beyond
Sakaguchi, K.; Haustein, T.; Barbarossa, S.; Strinati, E.C.; Clemente, A.; Destino, G.; Pärssinen, A.; Kim, I.; Chung, H.; Kim, J.; Keusgen, W.; Weiler, R.J.; Takinami, K.; Ceci, E.; Sadri, A.; Xian, L.; Maltsev, A.; Tran, G.K.; Ogawa, H.; Mahler, K.; Heath, R.W.
Journal Article
2016Millimeter-wave outdoor access shadowing mitigation using beamforming arrays
Weiler, R.J.; Keusgen, W.; Maltsev, A.; Kühne, T.; Pudeyev, A.; Xian, L.; Kim, J.; Peter, M.
Conference Paper
2016Proof-of-concept of a millimeter-wave integrated heterogeneous network for 5G cellular
Okasaka, S.; Weiler, R.J.; Keusgen, W.; Pudeyev, A.; Maltsev, A.; Karls, I.; Sakaguchi, K.
Journal Article
2016Quasi-deterministic millimeter-wave channel models in MiWEBA
Weiler, R.J.; Peter, M.; Keusgen, W.; Maltsev, A.; Karls, I.; Pudeyev, A.; Bolotin, I.; Siaud, I.; Ulmer-Moll, A.-M.
Journal Article
2016Virtual antenna array methodology for outdoor millimeter-wave channel measurements
Maltsev, A.; Pudeyev, A.; Bolotin, I.; Weiler, R.; Peter, M.; Keusgen, W.
Conference Paper
2015Partially adaptive arrays application for MU-MIMO mode in a MmWave small cells
Maltsev, A.; Sadri, A.; Pudeyev, A.; Bolotin, I.; Davydov, A.; Morozov, G.; Weiler, R.
Conference Paper
2014Enabling 5G backhaul and access with millimeter-waves
Weiler, R.; Peter, M.; Keusgen, W.; Calvanese-Strinati, E.; Domenico, A. de; Filippini, I.; Capone, A.; Siaud, I.; Ulmer-Moll, A.-M.; Maltsev, A.; Haustein, T.; Sakaguchi, K.
Conference Paper
2014Quasi-deterministic approach to mmWave channel modeling in a non-stationary environment
Maltsev, A.; Pudeyev, A.; Karls, I.; Bolotin, I.; Morozov, G.; Weiler, R.; Peter, M.; Keusgen, W.
Conference Paper