Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Reliable message forwarding in VANETs for delay-sensitive applications
Roscher, Karsten; Maierbacher, Gerhard
Conference Paper
2016Towards a range-enhanced and spectrum-friendly
Hincapie Henao, Daniel; Louveaux, Jérôme; Maierbacher, Gerhard
Conference Paper
2015Evaluation of binder management for partially controlled DSL vectoring systems
Hincapie Henao, Daniel; Maierbacher, Gerhard; Achtzehn, Andreas; Petrova, Marina
Conference Paper
2015Impact-analysis for coexisting and vectored VDSL2
Hincapie Henao, Daniel; Maierbacher, Gerhard
Conference Paper
2015Rate and reach gains of vectored DSL in the current access network
Hincapie Henao, Daniel; Maierbacher, Gerhard; Leibiger, Mathias
Conference Paper
2014Self-FEXT cancellation for use with VDSL2 transceivers: Design, implementation and verification of a tool for numerical performance evaluation
Hincapie Henao, Daniel
: Petrova, Marina (Prüfer); Maierbacher, Gerhard (Prüfer)
Master Thesis
2013Access- und Inhouse-Netze in Deutschland
Maierbacher, Gerhard; Leibiger, Mathias
Conference Paper
2013Designing scalar quantizers with secrecy constraints
Almeida, João; Maierbacher, Gerhard; Barros, João
Conference Paper