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2015Continuous vital monitoring and automated alert message generation for motorbike riders
Schmitz, Björn; Hofmann, Christian; Maestre, Rafael; Bleda, Andres L.; Tobola, A.; Melcher, Vivien; Gent, J. van
Conference Paper
2015Electrical cardiac monitoring in the head for helmet applications
Bleda, Andres L.; Maestre, Rafael; Schmitz, Björn; Hofmann, Christian; Nacenta, Jose M.; Santa, Guadalupe; Pellicer, Soledad; Melcher, Vivien
Conference Paper
2015Smart vital signs and accident monitoring system for motorcyclists embedded in helmets and garments for advanced eCall emergency assistance and health analysis monitoring
Melcher, Vivien; Diederichs, Frederik; Maestre, Rafael; Hofmann, Christian; Nacenta, Jose-Maria; Gent, Jos van; Kusic, Dragan; Zagar, Bostjan
Journal Article, Conference Paper