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2019The effectiveness of telerehabilitation as a supplement to rehabilitation in patients after total knee or hip replacement: Randomized controlled trial
Eichler, Sarah; Salzwedel, Annett; Rabe, Sophie; Müller, Steffen; Mayer, Frank; Wochatz, Monique; Hadzic, Miralem; John, Michael; Wegscheider, Karl; Völler, Heinz
Journal Article
2019Reliability and validity of the Kinect V2 for the assessment of lower extremity rehabilitation exercises
Wochatz, Monique; Tilgner, Nina; Mueller, Steffen; Rabe, Sophie; Eichler, Sarah; John, Michael; Völler, Heinz; Mayer, Frank
Journal Article
2018A multidimensional assessment and selection methodology: Optimized decision-making of joining technologies in automobile body development
Choudry, Saphir A.; Müller, Steffen; Alber, Uwe; Riedel, Frank; Landgrebe, Dirk
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011Accuracy of templates for navigated implantation made by rapid prototyping with DICOM datasets of cone beam computer tomography (CBCT)
Weitz, Jochen; Deppe, Herbert; Stopp, Sebastian; Lueth, Tim; Mueller, Steffen; Hohlweg-Majert, Bettina
Journal Article