Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Toward Traffic Offload in Converged Satellite and Terrestrial Networks
Niephaus, C.; Mödeker, J.; Ghinea, G.
Journal Article
2018Spectrum utilization assessment of Wi-Fi network using qualcomm/atheros 802.11 wireless chipset
Adeleke, Muyiwa Joshua; Grebe, Andreas; Kretschmer, Mathias; Moedeker, Jens
Conference Paper
2013Path signalling in a wireless back-haul network integrating unidirectional broadcast technologies
Kretschmer, M.; Mödeker, J.; Ghinea, G.
Journal Article
2012A pilot of a QoS-aware wireless back-haul network for rural areas
Batroff, P.; Ghinea, G.; Horstmann, T.; Jonas, K.; Moedeker, J.
Conference Paper
2011Cognitive management of procotol composition enhanced Future Internet elements
Wagner, D.P.; Moedeker, J.; Bouet, M.; Nguengang, G.; Schaffer, R.
Conference Paper
2011Development framework for prototyping heterogeneous multi-radio wireless networks
Horstmann, T.; Kretschmer, M.; Mödeker, J.; Niephaus, C.; Sauer, S.
Conference Paper
2010An approach for designing cognitive self-managed future internet
Mihailovic, A.; Nguengang, G.; Kousaridas, A.; Israel, M.; Conan, V.; Chochliouros, I.; Belesioti, M.; Raptis, T.; Wagner, D.; Moedeker, J.; Gazis, V.; Schaffer, R.; Grabner, B.; Alonistioti, N.
Conference Paper
2010Dynamic protocol functionality in cognitive future internet elements
Wagner, D.; Mödeker, J.; Horstmann, T.
Conference Paper
2010Mobility with QoS in broadcast unidirectional technologies: Experimental validation
Sargento, S.; Gozdecki, J.; Wagner, D.; Rocha, J.; Mödeker, J.
Conference Paper
2010Towards dynamic protocol configuration and its configuration and control in autonomous communication environments
Wagner, D.; Mödeker, J.
Conference Paper
2009Multicast mobility in heterogeneous technologies: Experimental validation
Sargento, S.; Wagner, D.; Rocha, J.; Mitrano, F.; Gozdecki, J.; Mödeker, J.
Conference Paper
2009Selbstverwaltung im Future Internet
Marikar, A.; Mödeker, J.; Jonas, K.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2008Dynamic composition of functional network services possible components for future internet architecture
Mödeker, J.; Marikar, A.
Conference Paper
2008Future internet elements: Cognition and self-management design issues
Kousaridas, A.; Polychronopoulos, C.; Alonistioti, N.; Marikar, A.; Mödeker, J.; Mihailovic, A.; Agapiou, G.; Chochliouros, I.; Heliotis, G.
Conference Paper
2008Support of mobility and QoS in broadcast unidirectional networks
Rocha, J.; Sargento, S.; Gozdecki, J.; Mitrano, F.; Mödeker, J.
Conference Paper
2007Handover and resource management of mobile nodes with unidirectional links
Miloucheva, I.; Mödeker, J.; Hetzer, D.
Conference Paper
2007Integration of broadcast technologies with heterogeneous networks - An IEEE 802.21 centric approach
Buburuzan, T.; May, G.; Melia, T.; Mödeker, J.; Wetterwald, M.
Conference Paper
2007Seamless handover for unidirectional broadcast access networks in mobile IPv6
Miloucheva, I.; Mödeker, J.; Jonas, K.; Hetzer, D.
Journal Article
2007Support of interactive QoS based services in hybrid broadcast and mobile IPv6 environment
Miloucheva, I.; Wagner, D.; Mödeker, J.; Pascotto, R.; Jonas, K.
Conference Paper
2005JAME - system concepts and new technologies for ITV services
Geuer, O.; Fischer, H.; Mödeker, J.
Conference Paper
1998Transparent network access for multimedia streaming services
Mödeker, J.