Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Lifetime prediction of ceramic components - a case study on hybrid rolling contact
Khader, I.; Rasche, S.; Lube, T.; Raga, R.; Degenhardt, U.; Kailer, A.
Journal Article
2016Analysis of the effective thermoelastic properties and stress fields in silicon nitride based on EBSD data
Othmani, Y.; Böhlke, T.; Lube, T.; Fellmeth, A.; Chlup, Z.; Colonna, F.; Hashibon, A.
Journal Article
2015Macroscopic damage modeling for silicon nitride
Ruck, J; Othmani, Y; Lube, T.; Khader, I.; Kailer, A.; Böhlke, T.
Conference Paper
2013Zyklische Ermüdung technischer Keramiken in wässrigen Medien
Wehd, C. von der; Lube, T.; Khader, I.; Kailer, A.; Degenhardt, U.; Berroth, K.
Conference Paper
2005A silicon nitride reference material for ceramic design
Lube, T.; Alcala, J.; Dusza, J.; Klemm, H.
Conference Paper
2002Strength and fracture toughness of the ESIS silicon nitride reference material
Lube, T.; Danzer, R.; Kübler, J.; Dusza, J.; Erauw, J.P.; Klemm, H.; Sglavo, V.
Conference Paper