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2018Metal Contamination in the Diamond Wire Sawing Process of Silicon and Influence on the Solar Cell Efficiency
Kaden, T.; Lottspeich, L.
Conference Paper
2018Metal contamination of silicon wafers in diamond wire sawing processes depending on the sawing parameters
Lottspeich, L.; Müller, P.; Kaden, T.
Conference Paper
2017The influence of material properties on the wire sawing process of multicrystalline silicon
Kaden, T.; Ershova, E.; Lottspeich, L.; Fuchs, M.
Conference Paper
2017New methods to evaluate cleaning processes by detecting the particle load on surfaces of diamond wire sawn silicon wafers
Lottspeich, L.; Herold, I.; Richter, H.; Kaden, T.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2017A novel approach to determine the diamond occupancy of diamond wires for optimized cutting processes for crystalline silicon
Lottspeich, L.; Theophil, L.; Fuchs, M.; Kaden, T.
Conference Paper