Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Dose-dependent tissue-level characterization of a medical atmospheric pressure argon plasma jet
Weiss, Martin; Barz, Jakob; Ackermann, Michael; Utz, Raphael; Ghoul, Aya; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Stope, Matthias; Wallwiener, Diethelm; Schenke-Layland, Katja; Oehr, Christian; Brucker, Sara; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2019Engineering tissues from induced pluripotent stem cells
Loskill, Peter; Huebsch, Nathaniel
Journal Article
2019Impact of organ-on-a-chip technology on pharmaceutical R&D costs
Franzen, Nora; Harten, Wim H. van; Retèl, Valesca P.; Loskill, Peter; Eijnden-van Raaij, A.J.M. van den; Ijzerman, Maarten J.
Journal Article
2019Organ-on-a-chip technologies that can transform ophthalmic drug discovery and disease modeling
Haderspeck, Jasmin; Chuchuy, Johanna; Kustermann, Stefan; Liebau, Stefan; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2019Stem-cell based organ-on-a-chip models for diabetes research
Rogal, Julia; Zbinden, Aline; Schenke-Layland, Katja; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2019Technische Heimaten für menschliche Zellen
Leyens, Christoph; Klotzbach, Udo; Sonntag, Frank; Wolperdinger, Markus; Loskill, Peter; Bauernhansl, Thomas; Traube, Andreas; Brecher, Christian; Schmitt, Robert; König, Niels
Book Article
2019User‐friendly and parallelized generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Microtissues in a Centrifugal Heart-on-a-Chip
Schneider, Oliver; Zeifang, Lisa; Fuchs, Stefanie; Sailer, Carla; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2018Development of a 3-dimensional microphysiological Retina-on-a-chip system
Haderspeck, Jasmin; Achberger, Kevin; Probst, Christopher; Rogal, Julia; Chuchuy, Johanna; Haq, Wadood; Loskill, Peter; Liebau, Eva
2018Electroconductive biohybrid collagen/pristine graphene composite biomaterials with enhanced biological activity
Ryan, Alan; Kearney, Cathal J.; Shen, Nian; Khan, Umar; Kelly, Adam G.; Probst, Christopher; Brauchle, Eva; Biccai, Sonia; Garciarena, Carolina D.; Vega-Mayoral, Victor; Loskill, Peter; Kerrigan, Steve W.; Kelly, Daniel J.; Schenke-Layland, Katja; Coleman, Jonathan N.; O'Brien, Fergal J.
Journal Article
2018High-throughput organ-on-a-chip systems: Current status and remaining challenges
Probst, Christopher; Schneider, Stefan; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2018Merging high-content and higher-throughput screening: Microphysiological organ-on-a-chip systems
Loskill, Peter
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Organ-on-a-chip meets traction force microscopy: In situ characterization of forces in 3D micro-tissues
Fuchs, Stefanie; Schneider, Oliver; Probst, Christopher; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2018Organ-on-a-Chip systems for women's health applications
Nawroth, Janna; Rogal, Julia; Weiss, Martin; Brucker, Sara Y.; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2018Retina-on-a-Chip: Merging organoid and Organ-on-a-Chip technology for complex multi-layer tissue models
Probst, Christopher; Achberger, Kevin; Haderspeck, Jasmin; Rogal, Julia; Chuchuy, Johanna; Liebau, Stefan; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Integration concepts for multi-organ chips: How to maintain flexibility?!
Rogal, Julia; Probst, Christopher; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2017Organs-on-a-Chip: Neue Perspektiven in der Medikamentenentwicklung und Personalisierten Medizin
Mosig, Alexander; Nawroth, Janna; Loskill, Peter
Journal Article
2017WAT-on-a-chip: a physiologically relevant microfluidic system incorporating white adipose tissue
Loskill, P.; Sezhian, T.; Tharp, K.M.; Lee-Montiel, F.T.; Jeeawoody, S.; Reese, W.M.; Zushin, P.J.H.; Stahl, A.; Healy, K.E.
Journal Article
2016Bringing a human heart & fat on a chip: Microphysiological platforms as in vitro models of cardiac and adipose tissue
Loskill, Peter; Mathur, Anurag; Conklin, Bruce; Stahl, Andreas; Lee, Luke; Healy, Kevin
2016Organs-on-a-chip - microphysiological platforms as in vitro models of cardiac and adipose tissue
Loskill, P.; Mathur, A.; Conklin, B.R.; Stahl, A.; Lee, L.P.; Healy, K.E.