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2021Framework for the Ensemble of Feature Selection Methods
Mera-Gaona, M.; Lopez, D.M.; Vargas-Canas, R.; Neumann, U.
Journal Article
2017HapHop-Physio: a computer game to support cognitive therapies in children
Rico-Olarte, C.; Lopez, D.M.; Narvaez, S.; Farinango, C.D.; Pharow, P.S.
Journal Article
2017A Two-Layer Method for Sedentary Behaviors Classification Using Smartphone and Bluetooth Beacons
Cerón, J.D.; López, D.M.; Hofmann, C.
Conference Paper
2017User experience evaluations in rehabilitation video games for children: A systematic mapping of the literature
Rico-Olarte, C.; Lopez, D.M.; Blobel, B.; Kepplinger, S.
Conference Paper
2006Formal design of electronic public health records
Lopez, D.M.; Blobel, B.
Book Article