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2020Dynamic Adaptation of the User Data Flow to the Changing Data Rates in VHF Networks: An Exploratory Study
Balaraju, P.H.; Rettore, P.H.L.; Lopes, R.R.F.; Eswarappa, S.M.; Loevenich, J.
Conference Paper
2020Road Data Enrichment Framework Based on Heterogeneous Data Fusion for ITS
Rettore, P.H.L.; Santos, B.P.; Lopes, R.R.F.; Maia, G.; Villas, L.A.; Loureiro, A.A.F.
Journal Article
2019Creating and Handling Ever-changing Communication Scenarios in Tactical Networks
Lopes, R.R.F.; Balaraju, P.H.; Sevenich, P.
Conference Paper
2017Reactive/proactive connectivity management in a tactical service-oriented infrastructure
Lopes, R.R.F.; Nieminen, M.; Viidanoja, A.; Wolthusen, S.D.
Conference Paper