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2015Investigation of the influence of carbon on the magnetic properties of powder injection molded Nd-Fe-B magnet
Lopes, L.U.; Costa Santos, E.; Hartwig, T.; Wendhausen, P.A.
Conference Paper
2014Feasibility study for feedstock recycling on PIM Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets
Lopes, L.U.; Souza Lia Fook, P.V. de; Owczarzak, A.; Uenal, N.; Hartwig, T.; Wendhausen, P.
Conference Paper
2013Evaluation of process variables in the alignment factor of Nd-Fe-B magnets made by metal injection molding
Lopes, L.U.; Hartwig, T.; Wendhausen, P.A.P.
Journal Article
2012Production of anisotropic MIM NdFeB magnets - A feasibility study
Drescher, C.; Ünal, N.; Lopes, L.U.; Hartwig, T.; Petzoldt, F.
Conference Paper