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2016All-inkjet-printed thin-film transistors: Manufacturing process reliability by root cause analysis
Sowade, E.; Ramon, E.; Mitra, K.Y.; Martínez-Domingo, C.; Pedró, M.; Pallarès, J.; Loffredo, F.; Villani, F.; Gomes, H.L.; Terés, L.; Baumann, R.R.
Journal Article
2016Up-scaling of the manufacturing of all-inkjet-printed organic thin-film transistors: Device performance and manufacturing yield of transistor arrays
Sowade, E.; Mitra, K.Y.; Ramon, E.; Martinez-Domingo, C.; Villani, F.; Loffredo, F.; Gomes, H.L.; Baumann, R.R.
Journal Article
2015All-inkjet printed organic transistors: Dielectric surface passivation techniques for improved operational stability and lifetime
Gomes, H.L.; Medeiros, M.C.R.; Villani, F.; Canudo, J.; Loffredo, F.; Miscioscia, R.; Martinez-Domingo, C.; Ramon, E.; Sowade, E.; Mitra, K.Y.; Baumann, R.R.; McCulloch, I.; Carrabina, J.
Journal Article