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2018XPS and ATR-FTIR study on chemical modifications of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) operated in air on the amino acids L-proline and trans-4-Hydroxy-L-proline
Scheglov, A.; Helmke, A.; Loewenthal, L.; Ohms, G.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article
2017Topographic, optical and chemical properties of zinc particle coatings deposited by means of atmospheric pressure plasma
Wallenhorst, L.M.; Loewenthal, L.; Avramidis, G.; Gerhard, C.; Militz, H.; Ohms, G.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article
2015Characterisation of PMMA/ATH layers realised by means of atmospheric pressure plasma powder deposition
Wallenhorst, L.; Dahle, S.; Vovk, M.; Wurlitzer, L.; Loewenthal, L.; Mainusch, N.; Gerhard, C.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article
2015On the debris formation during atmospheric pressure plasma-assisted laser engraving of stainless steel
Meur, V. le; Loewenthal, L.; Gerhard, C.; Viöl, W.
Book Article
2014Quantitative analyses of glass via laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in argon
Gerhard, C.; Hermann, J.; Mercadier, L.; Loewenthal, L.; Axente, E.; Luculescu, C.R.; Sarnet, T.; Sentis, M.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article