Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2022A mortar formulation for frictionless line-to-line beam contact
Bosten, Armin; Cosimo, A.; Linn, Joachim; Brüls, Oliver
Journal Article
2021Advances in the modeling and discretization of Slender continua and their interaction
Meier, Christoph; Romero, Ignacio; Linn, Joachim; Durville, Damien; Gerstmayr, Johannes; Zupan, Dejan; Betsch, Peter
Conference Paper
2021Digital validation of cable performance for vehicles in operation
Schneider, Fabio; Linn, Joachim; Andersson, Fredrik
Conference Paper
2021Effective inelastic bending behavior of multi-wire cables using Finite Elements accounting for wire contact
Hawwash, Muhannad; Dörlich, Vanessa; Linn, Joachim; Müller, Ralf; Keller, Roger
Conference Paper
2021Experimental Investigation of Softening of Cables under Cyclic Bending
Dörlich, Vanessa; Cesarek, Peter; Linn, Joachim; Diebels, Stefan
Conference Paper
2021First steps in data based constitutive modelling of inelastic effects in composite cables using Preisach hysteresis operators
Manfredo, Davide; Dörlich, Vanessa; Linn, Joachim; Arnold, Martin
Conference Paper
2021A Local Frame Approach for Line-To-Line Contact between Thin Beams with Circular Cross-Sections
Bosten, Armin; Linn, Joachim; Dörlich, Vanessa; Brüls, Oliver
Conference Paper
2021One-Dimensional Modelling of Developable Elastic Strips by Geometric Constraints and their Link to Surface Isometry
Bauer, Benjamin; Roller, Michael; Linn, Joachim; Simeon, Bernd
Conference Paper
2021Realistic parameters for dynamic simulation of composite cables using a damped Cosserat rod model
Jungkenn, Dominik; Schneider-Jung, Fabio; Andersson, Fredrik; Linn, Joachim
Conference Paper
2018Messvorrichtung zum Vermessen des Biegeverhaltens einer Probe
Kleer, Michael; Linn, Joachim; Pena Vina, Eduardo; Schneider, Fabio Julian; Weyh, Thorsten
2015Conceptual and numerical aspects of the mixed variational formulation of geometrically exact beam models
Cesarek, Peter; Zupan, Dejan; Linn, Joachim
Conference Paper
2015An enhanced tire model for dynamic simulation based on geometrically exact shells
Roller, Michael; Betsch, Peter; Gallrein, Axel; Linn, Joachim
Conference Paper
2015Towards viscoplastic constitutive models for Cosserat rods
Dörlich, Vanessa; Linn, Joachim; Scheffer, Tobias; Diebels, Stefan
Conference Paper