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2011Interaction of powdery Al, Zr and Ti with atmospheric nitrogen and subsequent nitride formation under the metal powder combustion in air
Gromov, A.A.; Pautova, Y.I.; Lider, A.M.; Korotkikh, A.G.; Teipel, U.; Chaplina, E.V.; Sigfusson, T.I.
Journal Article
2008Effect of hydrogen and helium on the properties of nuclear reactor materials
Chernov, I.P.; Cherdantsev, Y.P.; Nikitenkov, N.N.; Lider, A.M.; Martynenko, Y.V.; Surkov, A.S.; Kröning, M.
Journal Article
2003Annihilation of positrons in hydrogen-saturated titanium
Arefev, K.P.; Boev, O.V.; Imas, O.N.; Lider, A.M.; Surkov, A.S.; Chernov, I.P.
Journal Article