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2017Personal Portable Devices in the Light of the Internet of Things
Lhotska, L.; Stechova, K.; Pharow, P.
Conference Paper
2016Non-technical issues in design and development of personal portable devices
Lhotska, L.; Cheshire, P.; Pharow, P.; Macku, D.
Conference Paper
2013Personal portable devices as enablers for advanced pHealth decision support and decision making services
Pharow, P.; Lhotska, L.; Cheshire, P.
Conference Paper
2013Virtual physiological human and its role for advanced pHealth service provision
Cheshire, P.; Lhotska, L.; Pharow, P.
Conference Paper
2011Twenty five years of training and education in ICT Design for All and Assistive Technology
Whitney, G.; Keith, S.; Bühler, C.; Hewer, S.; Lhotska, L.; Miesenberger, K.; Sandnes, F.E.; Stephanidis, C.; Velasco, C.A.
Journal Article