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2017Analysis and evaluation of the IEC 61850 communication standard for monitoring and control of distributed energy resources
Feuerhahn, Stefan
: Wietfeld, Christian (Referent); Lehnhoff, Sebastian (Referent); Wittwer, Christof (Betreuer)
2017Cyber-physical energy systems modeling, test specification, and co-simulation based testing
Meer, A.A. van der; Palensky, P.; Heussen, K.; Morales Bondy, D.E.; Gehrke, O.; Steinbrinki, C.; Blanki, M.; Lehnhoff, S.; Widl, E.; Moyo, C.; Strasser, T.I.; Nguyen, V.H.; Akroud, N.; Syed, M.H.; Emhemed, A.; Rohjans, S.; Brandl, R.; Khavari, A.M.
Conference Paper
2017An integrated research infrastructure for validating cyber-physical energy systems
Strasser, T.I.; Moyo, C.; Bründlinger, R.; Lehnhoff, S.; Blank, M.; Palensky, P.; Meer, A.A. van der; Heussen, K.; Gehrke, O.; Rodriguez, J.E.; Merino, J.; Sandroni, C.; Verga, M.; Calin, M.; Khavari, A.; Sosnina, M.; Jong, E. de; Rohjans, S.; Kulmala, A.; Mäki, K.; Brandl, R.; Coffele, F.; Burt, G.M.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Hatziargyriou, N.
Conference Paper
2017Simulation-based validation of smart grids - status quo and future research trends
Steinbrink, C.; Lehnhoff, S.; Rohjans, S.; Strasser, T.I.; Widl, E.; Moyo, C.; Lauss, G.; Lehfuss, F.; Faschang, M.; Palensky, P.; Meer, A.A. van der; Heussen, K.; Gehrke, O.; Guillo-Sansano, E.; Syed, M.H.; Emhemed, A.; Brandl, R.; Nguyen, V.H.; Khavari, A.; Tran, Q.T.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Hatziargyriou, N.; Akroud, N.; Rikos, E.; Degefa, M.Z.
Conference Paper
2017Towards holistic power distribution system validation and testing - an overview and discussion of different possibilities
Strasser, T.; Pröstl Andrén, F.; Lauss, G.; Bründlinger, R.; Brunner, H.; Moyo, C.; Seitl, C.; Rohjans, S.; Lehnhoff, S.; Palensky, P.; Kotsampopoulos, P.; Hatziargyriou, N.; Arnold, G.; Heckmann, W.; Jong, E.; Verga, M.; Franchioni, G.; Martini, L.; Kosek, A.; Gehrke, O.; Bindner, H.; Coffele, F.; Burt, G.; Calin, M.; Rodriguez-Seco, E.
Journal Article
2013Energiesysteme und das Paradigma des Agenten
Beck, A.; Derksen, C.; Lehnhoff, S.; Linnenberg, T.; Nieße, A.; Rohbogner, G.
Book Article
2007Highly dynamic and scalable VANET routing for avoiding traffic congestions
Wedde, H.F.; Lehnhoff, S.; Bonn, B. van
Conference Paper
2007A novel class of multi-agent algorithms for highly dynamic transport planning inspired by honey bee behavior
Wedde, H.F.; Lehnhoff, S.; Bonn, B. van; Bay, Z.; Becker, S.; Böttcher, S.; Brunner, C.; Büscher, A.; Fürst, T.; Lazarescu, A.M.; Rotaru, E.; Senge, S.; Steinbach, B.; Yilmaz, F.; Zimmermann, T.
Conference Paper