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20193D-CFD analysis of the effect of cooling via minitubes on the performance of a three-fluid combined membrane contactor
Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Shklyar, I.; Prill, T.; Isetti, C.; Lazzari, S.
Journal Article
2019Investigation on the Performance of a Compact Three-Fluid Combined Membrane Contactor for Dehumidification in Electric Vehicles
Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Shklyar, I.; Lazzari, S.; Boero, F.
Journal Article
2018Numerical Simulation of Frost Formation on a Plate-Fin Evaporator
Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Lazzari, S.; Isetti, C.
Conference Paper
2017Exploiting the 2-Amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole Scaffold To Inhibit Trypanosoma brucei Pteridine Reductase in Support of Early-Stage Drug Discovery
Linciano, P.; Dawson, A.; Pöhner, I.; Costa, D.M.; Sá, M.S.; Cordeiro-da-Silva, A.; Luciani, R.; Gul, S.; Witt, G.; Ellinger, B.; Kuzikov, M.; Gribbon, P.; Reinshagen, J.; Wolf, M.; Behrens, B.; Hannaert, V.; Michels, P.A.M.; Nerini, E.; Pozzi, C.; Pisa, F. di; Landi, G.; Santarem, N.; Ferrari, S.; Saxena, P.; Lazzari, S.; Cannazza, G.; Freitas-Junior, L.H.; Moraes, C.B.; Pascoalino, B.S.; Alcântara, L.M.; Bertolacini, C.P.; Fontana, V.; Wittig, U.; Müller, W.; Wade, R.C.; Hunter, W.N.; Mangani, S.; Costantino, L.; Costi, M.P.
Journal Article
2017New climate-control units for more energy-efficient Electric Vehicles: The innovative Three-Fluids Combined Membrane Contactor
Isetti, C.; Nannei, E.; Lazzari, S.; Hariri, S.; Iliev, O.; Prill, T.
Conference Paper