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2019Comparison of constrained parameterisation strategies for aerodynamic optimisation of morphing leading edge airfoil
Magrini, A.; Benini, E.; Ponza, R.; Wang, C.; Khodaparast, H.H.; Friswell, M.I.; Landersheim, V.; Laveuve, D.; Contell Asins, C.
Journal Article
2019Conceptual-level evaluation of a variable stiffness skin for a morphing wing leading edge
Wang, C.; Haddad Khodaparast, H.; Friswell, M.I.; Magrini, A.; Ponza, R.; Benini, E.; Landersheim, V.; Laveuve, D.; Contell Asins, C.
Journal Article
2019Modeling fatigue life of composite laminates: A statistical micro-mechanics approach
Laveuve, D.M.; Büter, A.
Journal Article
2017Low cycle fatigue of short fibre reinforced polyamides
Stötzner, Norbert; Büter, Andreas; Spancken, Dominik; Laveuve, Dominik
Conference Paper
2017Multi axial fatigue design of laser welded plastic parts
Spancken, Dominik; Laveuve, Dominik; Büter, Andreas; Henning, Frank
Conference Paper
Laveuve, Dominik; Becker, Paul
2014Smart Droop Nose for application to Laminar Wing of future Green Regional A/C
Weber, D.; Mueller-Roemer, J.; Simpson, J.; Adachi, S.; Herget, W.; Landersheim, Volker; Laveuve, Dominik
Conference Paper
2013Requirements on the fatigue tests of a composite wheel with integrated hub motor
Büter, Andreas; Laveuve, Dominik; Schwarzhaupt, Oliver; Schweizer, Nicole
Conference Paper