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2004Ion-assisted deposition processes: Industrial network IntIon
Ehlers, H.; Becker, K.-J.; Beckmann, R.; Beermann, N.; Brauneck, U.; Fuhrberg, P.; Gäbler, D.; Jakobs, S.; Kaiser, N.; Kennedy, M.; König, F.; Laux, S.; Müller, J.C.; Rau, B.; Riggers, W.; Ristau, D.; Schäfer, D.; Stenzel, O.
Conference Paper
1999Broadband antireflection coatings deposited with ion-assisted evaporation
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Conference Paper
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Journal Article
1999Verfahren zur Beschichtung von Oberflaechen
Laux, S.; Schulz, U.; Kaiser, N.
1998Electrical and optical properties of indium tin oxide thin films deposited with plasma ion-assistance
Laux, S.; Kaiser, N.; Zöllner, A.; Götzelmann, R.; Lauth, H.; Bernitzki, H.
Conference Paper
1996Antireflection coatings for ultraviolet radiation obtained by molecular beam deposition
Laux, S.; Mann, K.; Granitza, B.; Kaiser, U.; Richter, W.
Journal Article
1996Growth structure investigations of MgF2 and NdF3 films grown by molecular beam deposition on CaF2 (111) substrates
Kaiser, U.; Adamik, M.; Safran, G.; Barna, P.B.; Laux, S.; Richter, W.
Journal Article
1996Packing-density calculation of thin fluoride films from infrared transmission spectra
Laux, S.; Richter, W.
Journal Article
1996Structure characteristics of stratified and single fluoride optical coatings
Adamik, M.; Safran, G.; Barna, P.B.; Laux, S.; Kaiser, U.; Richter, W.
Conference Paper
1996UV damage threshold of molecular beam deposited fluoride coatings
Laux, S.; Mann, K.; Kaiser, U.; Granitza, B.; Roth, O.; Richter, W.
Conference Paper
1994Molecular beam deposition of fluorides
Laux, S.; Kaiser, U.; Richter, W.
Conference Paper