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2007Accurate solubility prediction with error bars for electrolytes: A machine learning approach
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Journal Article
2007Inducing metric violations in human similarity judgements
Laub, J.; MacKe, J.; Müller, K.-R.; Wichmann, F.A.
Conference Paper
2006On the information and representation of non-Euclidean pairwise data
Laub, J.; Roth, V.; Buhmann, J.A.; Müller, K.-R.
Journal Article
2005Annealed k-means clustering and decision trees
Schafer, C.; Laub, J.
Conference Paper
2004Feature discovery in non-metric pairwise data
Laub, J.; Müller, K.-R.
Journal Article
2004Non-metric pairwise proximity data
Laub, J.
2003Optimal cluster preserving embedding of nonmetric proximity data
Roth, V.; Laub, J.; Kawanabe, M.; Buhmann, J.M.
Journal Article