Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020A Sensor for the In-Flight Detection of Single Fluorescent Microbodies in Nanoliter Droplets
Klinger, Michael; Laske, Christopher; Graeve, Mario Nikolas; Thoma, Martin; Traube, Andreas
Journal Article
2015Cell dispensing in low-volume range with the immediate drop-on-demand technology (I-DOT)
Schober, Lena; Büttner, Evy; Laske, Christopher; Traube, Andrea; Brode, Tobias; Traube, Andreas; Bauernhansl, Thomas
Journal Article
2015Immediate Drop on Demand Technology (I-DOT)
Schober, Lena; Laske, Christopher; Büttner, Evy; Brode, Tobias; Traube, Andreas; Traube, Andrea
2012Neues Produktionsverfahren: Test an synthetischen Wundauflagen mit mikroverkapseltem Antibiotikum
Reis, Christian; Brode, Tobias; Laske, Christopher; Traube, Andreas; Cartlidge, David; Hayes, Thomas; Behr, Luc
Journal Article
2011Analysis of volume precision and accuracy of a new device and method for nanoliter liquid handling in micro well plates
Stallkamp, Jan; Brode, Tobias; Traube, Andreas; Reis, Christian; Laske, Christopher; Klinger, Michael
Conference Paper
2011Device for transmitting emergency call signal in e.g. cellular radio network, has communication interface brought into remote position from operator by moving device and wirelessly transmitting signal when it is in remote position
Laske, Christopher