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2016Nanomonitoring of ceramic surface
Lapina, V.A.; Pershukevich, P.P.; Pavich, T.A.; Bushuk, S.B.; Opitz, Jörg
Conference Paper
2013Targeting diamond nanoparticles into folate-receptor expressing HeLa cells
Lapina, V.A.; Vorobey, A.V.; Pavich, T.A.; Opitz, J.
Journal Article
2011Luminescence properties of oxide coatings on aluminum alloys
Pershukevich, P.P.; Shabrov, D.V.; Osipov, V.P.; Schreiber, J.; Lapina, V.A.
Journal Article
2010Adsorption and structural characteristics of the surface of modified nanodiamond powders
Lapina, V.A.; Akhremkova, G.S.; Gubarevich, T.M.; Schreiber, Y.
Journal Article
2010Green fluorescent nanodiamond conjugates and their possible applications for biosensing
Opitz, J.; Sorge, M.; Rose, N.; Rudolph, M.; Krueger, P.; Hannstein, I.; Schreiber, J.; Mkandawire, M.; Pompe, W.; Roedel, G.; Lapina, V.A.; Appelhans, D.
Conference Paper