Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Fatigue design of thermoplastic laser welds
Spancken, Dominik; Decker, Julia; Ruotsalainen, S.; Laakso, P.; Büter, Andreas
Journal Article
2013Butt welding of transparent polyamide (PA11) with 1.94m fiber laser
Laakso, P.; Ruotsalainen, S.; Otto, G.; Olowinsky, A.; Kujanpää, V.
Conference Paper
2009Advanced beam steering in helical drilling
Pantsar, H.; Laakso, P.; Aikio, M.; Huopana, J.; Herfurth, H.; Heinemann, S.
Conference Paper
2008Laser microvia drilling and ablation of silicon using 355 nm pico and nanosecond pulses
Pantsar, H.; Herfurth, H.; Heinemann, S.; Laakso, P.; Penttila, R.; Liu, Y.; Newaz, G.
Conference Paper
2008Preliminary study on corrosion and wear properties of laser color marked stainless steel
Laakso, P.; Pantsar, H.; Leinonen, H.; Helle, A.
Conference Paper