Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Continuous Flow Desulfurization of a Model Fuel Catalysed by Titanium Functionalized UiO‐66
Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo; Voellinger, L.; Schwarzer, Maud; Polyzoidis, Angelos; Bošković, Dusan; Löbbecke, Stefan
Journal Article
2019Customized Design of Scalable Microfluidic Droplet Generators Using Step-Emulsification Methods
Eberhardt, Angelika; Boskovic, Dusan; Löbbecke, Stefan; Panic, Slobodan; Winter, Yannik
Journal Article
2019Technische Chemie. Trendbericht
Deutschmann, Olaf; Dittmeyer, Roland; Grunwaldt, Jan-Dierk; Kolb, Gunther; Löbbecke, Stefan; Wehinger, Gregor D.
Journal Article
2018Synthesis of metal-organic frameworks for energetic applications
Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo; Polyzoidis, Angelos; Schwarzer, M.; Boskovic, D.; Löbbecke, Stefan
Conference Paper
2017Revealing the initial reaction behavior in the continuous synthesis of metal-organic frameworks using real-time synchrotron X-ray analysis
Polyzoidis, Angelos; Etter, Martin; Herrmann, Michael; Löbbecke, Stefan; Dinnebier, Robert E.
Journal Article
2016Batch versus flow acetalization of benzaldehyde with HKUST-1: Diffusion pathways and performance comparison
Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo; Schwarzer, M.; Herrmann, Michael; Affini, Anna; Pelagatti, Paolo; Maestri, Giovanni; Maggi, Raimondo; Löbbecke, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Characterization of metal-organic frameworks using X-ray diffraction
Herrmann, Michael; Kempa, Paul-Bernd; Fietzek, Harald; Altenburg, Thomas; Polyzoidis, Angelos; Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo; Löbbecke, Stefan
Journal Article
2016Continuous microreactor synthesis of ZIF-8 with high space-time-yield and tunable particle size
Polyzoidis, Angelos; Altenburg, T.; Schwarzer, M.; Löbbecke, Stefan; Kaskel, S.
Journal Article
2016Evaluation of metal-organic frameworks for gas-phase preconcentration and sample enrichment by inverse gas chromatography (IGC)
Rieger, Max; Wittek, Michael; Schnürer, Frank; Löbbecke, Stefan
Conference Paper
2016In-situ Überwachung der kontinuierlichen Synthese van ZIF-8
Polyzoidis, Angelos; Dinnebier, Robert E.; Herrmann, Michael; Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo; Löbbecke, Stefan
2016On the general water harvesting capability of metal-organic frameworks under well-defined climatic conditions
Trapani, F.; Polyzoidis, Angelos; Löbbecke, Stefan; Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo
Journal Article
2015Nanoporöse Multitalente
Polyzoidis, Angelos; Piscopo, Calogero Giancarlo; Löbbecke, Stefan
Journal Article
2014Nitration chemistry in continuous flow using acetyl nitrate
Antes, Jürgen; Janitschek, Wieland; Keicher, Thomas; Löbbecke, Stefan
Conference Paper
2012Continuous flow synthesis of DNDA57 in a capillary microreactor
Antes, Jürgen; Janitschek, Wieland; Schulz, Norbert; Löbbecke, Stefan
Conference Paper
2012Kilogram-scale production of energetic materials in a remote-controlled microreactor plant
Türcke, Tobias; Mendl, A.; Boskovic, D.; Antes, Jürgen; Löbbecke, Stefan
Conference Paper
2006Comparison of nanoparticulate thermite mixtures formed by conventional and supercritical fluid processes
Marioth, Eric; Kröber, Hartmut; Löbbecke, Stefan; Krause, Horst
Conference Paper