Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Detecting failure modes in image reconstructions with interval neural network uncertainty
Oala, L.; Heiß, C.; Macdonald, J.; März, M.; Kutyniok, G.; Samek, W.
Journal Article
2020Anisotropic multiscale systems on bounded domains
Grohs, P.; Kutyniok, G.; Ma, J.; Petersen, P.; Raslan, M.
Journal Article
2019Learning the invisible: A hybrid deep learning-shearlet framework for limited angle computed tomography
Bubba, T.A.; Kutyniok, G.; Lassas, M.; März, M.; Samek, W.; Siltanen, S.; Srinivasan, V.
Journal Article
2018Adaptive anisotropic Petrov-Galerkin methods for first order transport equations
Dahmen, W.; Kutyniok, G.; Lim, W.-Q.; Schwab, C.; Welper, G.
Journal Article
2018A Haar wavelet-based perceptual similarity index for image quality assessment
Reisenhofer, R.; Bosse, S.; Kutyniok, G.; Wiegand, T.
Journal Article
2018Mathematical methods in medical image processing
Kutyniok, G.; Ma, J.; März, M.
Book Article
2018Optimal compressive imaging of fourier data
Kutyniok, G.; Lim, W.-Q.
Journal Article
2018Shearlet-based compressed sensing for fast 3D cardiac MR imaging using iterative reweighting
Ma, J.; März, M.; Funk, S.; Schulz-Menger, J.; Kutyniok, G.; Schaeffter, T.; Kolbitsch, C.
Journal Article
2017JMIV Special Issue Mathematics and Image Analysis
Fadili, J.; Kutyniok, G.; Peyre, G.; Plonka-Hoch, G.; Steidl, G.
2016Dualizable shearlet frames and sparse approximation
Kutyniok, G.; Lim, W.-Q.
Journal Article
2016ShearLab 3D: Faithful digital shearlet transforms based on compactly supported shearlets
Kutyniok, G.; Lim, W.-Q.; Reisenhofer, R.
Journal Article
2015Image interpolation using shearlet based iterative refinement
Lakshman, H.; Lim, W.Q.; Schwarz, H.; Marpe, D.; Kutyniok, G.; Wiegand, T.
Journal Article
2013Image interpolation using shearlet based sparsity priors
Lakshman, H.; Lim, W.-Q.; Schwarz, H.; Marpe, D.; Kutyniok, G.; Wiegand, T.
Conference Paper