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20113D simulation of sputter etching with the Monte-Carlo approach
Kunder, D.
2010Coupling of equipment simulation and feature-scale profile simulation for dry-etching of polysilicon gate lines
Baer, E.; Kunder, D.; Evanschitzky, P.; Lorenz, J.
Conference Paper
2010Coupling of Monte Carlo sputter simulation and feature-scale profile simulation and application to the simulation of back etching of an intermetal dielectric
Baer, E.; Kunder, D.; Lorenz, J.; Sekowski, M.; Paschen, Uwe
Conference Paper
2010Determination of across-wafer variations of transistor characteristics by coupling equipment simulation with technology computer-aided design (TCAD)
Kampen, C.; Burenkov, A.; Kunder, D.; Baer, E.; Lorenz, J.
Conference Paper
2010Simulation of focused ion beam etching by coupling a topography simulator and a Monte-Carlo sputtering yield simulator
Kunder, D.; Baer, E.; Sekowski, M.; Pichler, P.; Rommel, M.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2008Comparison of different methods for simulating the effect of specular ion reflection on microtrenching during dry etching of polysilicon
Kunder, D.; Baer, E.
Journal Article