Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Microwave transparent catalytic falling-film microreactor for automated operation
Krtschil, Ulrich; Löb, Patrick; Schütt, Christian; Zapf, Ralf; James, Rachel; Bonrath, Werner; Medlock, Jonathan
Journal Article
2019Modular manufacturing platform for continuous synthesis and analysis of versatile nanomaterials
Bomhard, Sibylle von; Schramm, Jonas; Bleul, Regina; Thiermann, Raphael; Höbel, Peter; Krtschil, Ulrich; Löb, Patrick; Maskos, Michael
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2017Selective hydrogenation of alkynes over ppm-level Pd/boehmite/Al2O3 beads in a continuous-flow reactor
Wu, Zhilin; Calcio Gaudino, Emanuela; Manzoli, Maela; Martina, Katia; Drobot, Maxime; Krtschil, Ulrich; Cravotto, Giancarlo
Journal Article
2015Modular micro-structured reactors for pilot- and production scale chemistry
Ghaini, Aras; Balon-Burger, Monika; Bogdan, Anca; Krtschil, Ulrich; Löb, Patrick
Journal Article
2014Microwave transparent falling film microreactor
Krtschil, Ulrich; Schütt, Christian; Löb, Patrick
Conference Paper
2013Agile green process design for the intensified Kolbe-Schmitt synthesis by accompanying (simplified) life cycle assessment
Kressirer, Sabine; Kralisch, Dana; Stark, Annegret; Krtschil, Ulrich; Hessel, Volker
Journal Article
2013Bridging sustainability and intensified flow processing within process design for sustainable future factories
Kralisch, Dana; Ott, Denise; Kressirer, Sabine; Staffel, Christin; Sell, Ina; Krtschil, Ulrich; Löb, Patrick
Journal Article
2013Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide over supported Pd catalysts: Turning to dense CO2 as an alternative solvent
Pashkova, A.; Greiner, L.; Krtschil, Ulrich; Hofmann, C.; Zapf, Ralf
Journal Article
2013Infrared imaging of temperature profiles in microreactors for fast and exothermic reactions
Haber, J.; Kashid, Madhvanand; Borhani, N.; Thome, J.; Krtschil, Ulrich; Renken, A.; Kiwi-Minsker, L.
Journal Article
2013Novel manufacturing techniques for microstructured reactors in industrial dimensions
Krtschil, Ulrich; Hofmann, Christian; Löb, Patrick; Schütt, Christian; Schorcht, Peter; Streuber, Michael
Journal Article