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2014Influence of immobilization protocol on the structure and function of surface bound proteins
Kreider, A.; Sell, S.; Kowalik, T.; Hartwig, A.; Grunwald, I.
Journal Article
2013Eisansatz verhindern
Sell, S.; Rehfeld, N.; Kreider, A.; Stake, A.; Widrat, M.; Föster, V.; Stenzel, V.
Journal Article
2013Functionalization of PDMS modified and plasma activated two-component polyurethane coatings by surface attachment of enzymes
Kreider, A.; Richter, K.; Sell, S.; Fenske, M.; Tornow, C.; Stenzel, V.; Grunwald, I.
Journal Article
2012Direct measurement of the thermal hysteresis of antifreeze proteins (AFPs) using sonocrystallization
Gaede-Koehler, A.; Kreider, A.; Canfield, P.; Kleemeier, M.; Grunwald, I.
Journal Article
2011Melting the ice
Stenzel, V.; Kreider, A.; Rehfeld, N.; Stake, A.
Journal Article
2011Natural frost protection coupling antifreeze proteins to a pu coating inhibits ice deposition
Kreider, A.; Weber, B.; Stenzel, V.; Tornow, C.; Grunwald, I.
Journal Article