Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016A modular analysis tool for imaging-based clinical research in radiation therapy
Weiler, F.; Chlebus, G.; Brachmann, C.; Traulsen, N.; Waring, A.; Rieder, C.; Lassen-Schmidt, B.; Krass, S.; Hahn, H.
2015Automatic lung segmentation method for MRI-based lung perfusion studies of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Kohlmann, P.; Strehlow, J.; Jobst, B.; Krass, S.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Anjorin, A.; Sedlaczek, O.; Ley, S.; Kauczor, H.-U.; Wielpütz, M.O.
Journal Article
2015Building Blocks for Clinical Research in Adaptive Radiotherapy
Weiler, F.; Chlebus, G.; Rieder, C.; Moltz, J.; Waring, A.; Brachmann, C.; Traulsen, N.; Corr, D.; Wirtz, S.; Krass, S.; Hahn, H.
Conference Paper
2015Computer Assistance in Lung Surgery for Segment Resections and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Stoecker, C.; Welter, S.; Klemm, W.; Beckers, F.; Witte, B.; Krass, S.
Conference Paper
2015Design of a dedicated five degree-of-freedom magnetic resonance imaging compatible robot for image guided prostate biopsy
Chen, Longquan; Paetz, Torben; Dicken, Volker; Krass, Scheherazade; Issawi, Jumana al; Ojdanic, Darko; Krass, Stefan; Tigelaar, Gerrit; Sabisch, Jan; Poelgeest, Auguste van; Schächtele, Jonathan
Journal Article
2014Computerunterstützung in der Lungenchirurgie für VATS und Segmentresektionen
Stöcker, C.; Welter, S.; Witte, B.; Beckers, F.; Klemm, W.; Kraß, S.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Determination of lung segments in computed tomography images using the Euclidean distance to the pulmonary artery
Stoecker, C.; Welter, S.; Moltz, J.H.; Lassen, B.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Journal Article
2012Lung segment geometry study: Simulation of largest possible tumours that fit into bronchopulmonary segments
Welter, S.; Stöcker, C.; Dicken, V.; Kühl, H.; Krass, S.; Stamatis, G.
Journal Article
2011Computer-assisted visualization of central lung tumours based on 3-dimensional reconstruction
Limmer, S.; Stöcker, C.; Dicken, V.; Kraß, S.; Wolken, H.; Kujath, P.
Book Article
2011Fully-automatic determination of the arterial input function for dynamic contrast-enhanced pulmonary MR imaging
Kohlmann,P.; Laue, H.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper
2011Lung and lung lobe segmentation methods at Fraunhofer MEVIS
Lassen, B.; Kuhnigk, J.M.; Schmidt, M.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper
2010Automatic segmentation of lung lobes in CT images based on fissures, vessels, and bronchi
Lassen, B.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Friman, O.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper
2010Dreidimensionalen Rekonstruktion von zentralen Lungentumoren basierend auf CT-Daten
Limmer, S.; Dicken, V.; Kujath, P.; Krass, S.; Stöcker, C.; Wendt, N.; Unger, L.; Hoffmann, M.; Vogt, F.; Kleemann, M.; Bruch, H.-P.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Journal Article
2010Reproducibility of airway wall thickness measurements
Schmidt, M.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Krass, S.; Owsijewitsch, M.; Hoop, B. de; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper
2009Computer-assisted risk analysis and 3-dimensional reconstruction based on multislice lung computer tomography
Limmer, S.; Dicken, V.; Krass, S.; Kleemann, M.; Peitgen, H.O.; Kujath, P.
Conference Paper
2009CT-based patient individual anatomical modeling of the lung and its impact on thoracic surgery
Stöcker, C.; Bornemann, L.; Dicken, V.; Krass, S.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Zidowitz, S.; Peitgen, H.O.
Conference Paper
2009Multi-dimensional computed cardiac visualization
Ooijen, P.M.A. van; Kristanto, W.; Jonge, G.J. de; Kuehnel, C.; Hennemuth, A.; Krass, S.; Boskamp, T.; Groen, J.M.; Broekema, A.
Book Article
2008Relationship between pulmonary artery volumes at computed tomography and pulmonary artery pressures in patients with- and without pulmonary hypertension
Frölich, J.C.; Koenig, H.; Knaak, L.; Krass, S.; Klose, K.J.
Journal Article
2007OncoTREAT: A software assistant for cancer therapy monitoring
Bornemann, L.; Dicken, V.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Wormanns, D.; Shin, H.-O.; Bauknecht, H.-C.; Diehl, V.; Fabel, M.; Meier, S.; Kress, O.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Journal Article
2006Bildgestützte volumetrische Therapiekontrolle in der Onkologie
Kraß, S.; Bornemann, L.; Dicken, V.; Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2006Morphological segmentation and partial volume analysis for volumetry of solid pulmonary lesions in thoracic CT scans
Kuhnigk, J.-M.; Dicken, V.; Bornemann, L.; Bakai, A.; Wormanns, D.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Journal Article
2006New software assistants for cardiovascular diagnosis
Kühnel, C.; Hennemuth, A.; Boskamp, T.; Oeltze, S.; Bock, S.; Krass, S.; Preim, B.; Peitgen, H.-O.
Conference Paper
2006A statistical comparison of Tofts and Brix model parameters for glioma and prostate MRI data
Laue, H.; Behrens, S.; Giesel, F.; Hoggard, N.; Zechmann, C.; Wilkinson, I.D.; Krass, S.; Peitgen, H.-O.