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2016Experimental investigation of crack initiation. In face-centered cubic materials in the high and very high cycle fatigue regime
Straub, T.
: Kraft, O.; Eberl, C.; Lapusta, Y.
2016Fatigue properties of conventionally manufactured and micro-powder-injection-moulded 17-4PH micro-components
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Journal Article
2016Miniaturisierung? Ja, bitte!
Piotter, V.; Eberl, C.; Kraft, O.
Journal Article
2015Mechanical characterization between room temperature and 1000 °C of SiC free-standing thin films by a novel high-temperature micro-tensile setup
Leisen, D.; Rusanov, R.; Rohlfing, F.; Fuchs, T.; Eberl, C.; Riesch-Oppermann, H.; Kraft, O.
Journal Article
2014Mechanical properties of C58 materials and their dependence on thermal treatment
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Journal Article
2014Quantitative damage and detwinning analysis of nanotwinned copper foil under cyclic loading
Yoo, B.-G.; Boles, S. T.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, X.; Schwaiger, R.; Eberl, C.; Kraft, O.
Journal Article
2013Investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale
Schmitt, N.J.; Bohnert, C.; Eberl, C.; Schwaiger, R.; Weygand, S.M.; Kraft, O.
Conference Paper
2012Mechanical assessment of ultrafine-grained nickel by microcompression experiment and finite element simulation
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Journal Article
2011Aspect ratio and stochastic effects in the plasticity of uniformly loaded micrometer-sized specimens
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Journal Article
2011Dislocation microstructure evolution in cyclically twisted microsamples: A discrete dislocation dynamics simulation
Senger, J.; Weygand, D.; Kraft, O.; Gumbsch, P.
Journal Article
2010Evolution of mechanical response and dislocation microstructures in small-scale specimens under slightly different loading conditions
Senger, J.; Weygand, D.; Motz, C.; Gumbsch, P.; Kraft, O.
Journal Article
2008Discrete dislocation simulations of the plasticity of micro-pillars under uniaxial loading
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Journal Article
2008Editorial to MST special issue: Colloquium on Micro-Production, Karlsruhe, Germany, November 2007
Kraft, O.; Michel, B.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2008Three-dimensional dislocation dynamics simulation of the influence of sample size on the stress-strain behavior of fcc single-crystalline pillars
Weygand, D.; Poignant, M.; Gumbsch, P.; Kraft, O.
Journal Article