Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018iManageMyHealth and iSupportMyPatients: Mobile decision support and health management apps for cancer patients and their doctors
Schera, F.; Schäfer, M.; Bucur, A.; Leeuwen, J. van; Ngantchjon, E.H.; Graf, N.; Kondylakis, H.; Koumakis, L.; Marias, K.; Kiefer, S.
Journal Article
2017IManageCancer: Developing a platform for empowering patients and strengthening self-management in cancer diseases
Kondylakis, H.; Bucur, A.; Dong, F.; Renzi, C.; Manfrinati, A.; Graf, N.; Hoffman, S.; Koumakis, L.; Pravettoni, G.; Marias, K.; Tsiknakis, M.; Kiefer, S.
Conference Paper
2016Big Data in Support of the Digital Cancer Patient
Kondylakis, H.; Koumakis, L.; Tsiknakis, M.; Marias, K.; Kiefer, S.
Journal Article
2016Designing smart analytical data services for a personal health framework
Koumakis, L.; Kondylakis, H.; Chatzimina, M.; Iatraki, G.; Argyropaidas, P.; Kazantzaki, E.; Tsiknakis, M.; Kiefer, S.; Marias, K.
Conference Paper
2014PMIR: A Personal Medical Information Recommender
Kondylakis, H.; Koumakis, L.; Rüping, S.; Kazantzaki, E.; Marias, K.; Tsiknakis, M.
Conference Paper
2009Building a system for advancing clinico-genomic trials on cancer
Sfakianakis, S.; Graf, N.; Hoppe, A.; Rüping, S.; Wegener, D.; Koumakis, L.
Conference Paper
2007Knowledge discovery scientific workflows in clinico-genomics
Potamias, G.; Koumakis, L.; Kanterakis, A.; Sfakianakis, S.; Analyti, A.; Moustakis, V.; Kafetzopoulos, D.; Rueping, S.; Tsiknakis, M.
Conference Paper