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2021Achieving ultra-low friction with diamond/metal systems in extreme environments
Stoyanov, P.; Merz, R.; Stricker, M.; Kopnarski, M.; Dienwiebel, M.
Journal Article
2019Atomistic insights into lubricated tungsten/diamond sliding contacts
Romero, P.; Mayrhofer, L.; Stoyanov P.; Merz, R.; Kopnarski, M.; Dienwiebel, M.; Moseler, M.
Journal Article
2015Surface softening in metal-ceramic sliding contacts: An experimental and numerical investigation
Stoyanov, P.; Merz, R.; Romero, P.A.; Wählisch, F.C.; Torrents Abad, O.; Gralla, R.; Stemmer, P.; Kopnarski, M.; Moseler, M.; Bennewitz, R.; Dienwiebel, M.
Journal Article
2014Nanoscale sliding friction phenomena at the interface of diamond-like carbon and tungsten
Stoyanov, P.; Romero, P.A.; Merz, R.; Kopnarski, M.; Stricker, M.; Stemmer, P.; Dienwiebel, M.; Moseler, M.
Journal Article
2013Friction and wear mechanisms of tungsten-carbon systems: A comparison of dry and lubricated conditions
Stoyanov, P.; Stemmer, P.; Järvi, T.T.; Merz, R.; Romero, P.A.; Scherge, M.; Kopnarski, M.; Moseler, M.; Fischer, A.; Dienwiebel, M.
Journal Article
2006Abscheidung, Charakterisierung und Anwendung von Plasma-Polymerschichten auf HMDSO-Basis
Jacoby, B.; Bock, W.; Haupt, M.; Hilgers, H.; Kopnarski, M.; Molter, J.; Oehr, C.; Rühle, T.; Wahl, M.
Journal Article
2005ToF-SIMS characterisation of ultra-thin fluorinated carbon plasma polymer films
Gradowski, M. von; Jacoby, B.; Hilgers, H.; Barz, J.; Wahl, M.; Kopnarski, M.
Conference Paper
2000Comparative analysis of a solar control coating on glass by AES, EPMA, SNMS and SIMS
Pidun, M.; Lesch, N.; Richter, S.; Karduck, P.; Bock, W.; Kopnarski, M.; Willich, P.
Journal Article