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2016Dual-component collagenous peptide/reactive oligomer hydrogels as potential nerve guidance materials-from characterization to functionalization
Kohn, C.; Klemens, J.M.; Kascholke, C.; Murthy, N.S.; Kohn, J.; Brandenburger, M.; Hacker, M.C.
Journal Article
2010Increase of the strength of screen printed silicon solar cells by post treatments
Kohn, C.; Hug, M.; Kübler, R.; Krappitz, M.; Kleer, G.
Conference Paper
2009Influence of the metallization process on the strength of silicon solar cells
Kohn, C.; Kübler, R.; Krappitz, M.; Kleer, G.; Reis, I.; Retzlaff, M.; Erath, D.; Biro, D.
Conference Paper
2009Metallisch kontaktiertes Substrat sowie Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung
Kohn, C.; Kuebler, R.; Mueller, S.
2008Testing of surface strength of solar wafers by application of bending tests
Faber, T.; Kohn, C.; Kübler, R.; Kleer, G.
Conference Paper
2007Analyses of warpage effects induced by passivation and electrode coatings in silicon solar cells
Kohn, C.; Faber, T.; Kübler, R.; Beinert, J.; Kleer, G.; Clement, F.; Erath, D.; Reis, I.; Martin, F.; Müller, A.
Conference Paper
2005Applications for TiAIN- and TiO2-coatings with nanoscale surface topographies
Burmeister, F.; Kohn, C.; Kuebler, R.; Kleer, G.; Bläsi, B.; Gombert, A.
Journal Article
2005Thin large area solar cells
Schindler, R.; Hermle, M.; Kleer, G.; Kohn, C.; Lautenschlager, H.; Reis, I.E.; Willeke, G.
Conference Paper