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2017Millimeter-wave channel measurements and analysis for statistical spatial channel model in in-building and urban environments at 28 GHz
Ko, J.; Cho, Y.-J.; Hur, S.; Kim, T.; Park, J.; Molisch, A.F.; Haneda, K.; Peter, M.; Park, D.-J.; Cho, D.-H.
Journal Article
2013Targeting of the osteoclastogenic RANKL-RANK axis prevents osteoporotic bone loss and soft tissue calcification in coxsackievirus B3-infected mice
Lee, K.; Kim, H.; Park, H.S.; Kim, K.J.; Song, H.; Shin, H.I.; Kim, H.S.; Seo, D.; Kook, H.; Ko, J.H.; Jeong, D.
Journal Article
1997Scaling function and wavelet preconditioners for second order elliptic problems
Ko, J.; Kurdila, A.; Oswald, P.
Book Article