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2021Azido‐functionalized gelatin via direct conversion of lysine amino groups by diazo transfer as a building block for biofunctional hydrogels
Keller, S.; Bakker, T.; Kimmel, B.; Rebers, L.; Götz, T.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Kluger, P.J.; Southan, A.
Journal Article
2020Advanced gelatin-based vascularization bioinks for extrusion-based bioprinting of vascularized bone equivalents
Leucht, A.; Volz, A.-C.; Rogal, J.; Borchers, K.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2020Azide-Functional Extracellular Matrix Coatings as a Bioactive Platform for Bioconjugation
Keller, S.; Wörgötter, K.; Liedek, A.; Kluger, P.J.; Bach, M.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Southan, A.
Journal Article
2020Eclectic characterisation of chemically modified cell-derived matrices obtained by metabolic glycoengineering and re-assessment of commonly used methods
Keller, S.; Liedek, A.; Shendi, D.; Bach, M.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Kluger, P.J.; Southan, A.
Journal Article
2020Low-pressure plasma activation enables enhanced adipose-derived stem cell adhesion
Kleinhans, C.; Schmohl, L.; Barz, J.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2019A cellulose-based material for vascularized adipose tissue engineering
Volz, A.-C.; Hack, L.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2019A versatile perfusion bioreactor and endothelializable photo cross-linked tubes of gelatin methacryloyl as promising tools in tissue engineering
Huber, B.; Hoch, E.; Calderon, I.; Borchers, K.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2018Author Correction: 3D biodegradable scaffolds of polycaprolactone with silicate-containing hydroxyapatite microparticles for bone tissue engineering: high-resolution tomography and in vitro study
Shkarina, S.; Shkarin, R.; Weinhardt, V.; Melnik, E.; Vacun, G.; Kluger, P.J.; Loza, K.; Epple, M.; Ivlev, S.I.; Baumbach, T.; Surmeneva, M.A.; Surmenev, R.A.
Journal Article
2017Bone matrix production in hydroxyapatite-modified hydrogels suitable for bone bioprinting
Wenz, A.; Borchers, K.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2017clickECM: Development of a cell-derived extracellular matrix with azide functionalities
Ruff, S.M.; Keller, S.; Wieland, D.E.; Wittmann, V.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Bach, M.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2016Blood-vessel mimicking structures by stereolithographic fabrication of small porous tubes using cytocompatible polyacrylate elastomers, biofunctionalization and endothelialization
Huber, B.; Engelhardt, S.; Meyer, W.; Krüger, H.; Wenz, A.; Schönhaar, V.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Kluger, P.J.; Borchers, K.
Journal Article
2013Ammonia plasma treatment of polystyrene surfaces enhances proliferation of primary human mesenchymal stem cells and human endothelial cells
Kleinhans, C.; Barz, J.; Wurster, S.; Willig, M.; Oehr, C.; Müller, M.; Walles, H.; Hirth, T.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2013Desmosine-inspired cross-linkers for hyaluronan hydrogels
Hagel, V.; Mateescu, M.; Southan, A.; Wegner, S.V.; Nuss, I.; Haraszti, T.; Kleinhans, C.; Schuh, C.; Spatz, J.P.; Kluger, P.J.; Bach, M.; Tussetschläger, S.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Laschat, S.; Boehm, H.
Journal Article
2013Toward controlling the formation, degradation behavior, and properties of hydrogels synthesized by Aza-Michael reactions
Southan, A.; Mateescu, M.; Hagel, V.; Bach, M.; Schuh, C.; Kleinhans, C.; Kluger, P.J.; Tussetschläger, S.; Nuss, I.; Haraszti, T.; Wegner, S.V.; Spatz, J.P.; Boehm, H.; Laschat, S.; Tovar, G.E.M.
Journal Article
2012Evaluation of cell-material interactions on polymeric surfaces modified with Thioheparin and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Wenz, A.; Klechowitz, N.; Novosel, E.C.; Meyer, W.; Wegener, M.; Krüger, H.; Borchers, K.; Tovar, G.; Hirth, T.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2012Isolation and culture of primary human subcutaneous adipocytes and construction of a fatty tissue equivalent
Huber, B.; Klechowitz, N.; Borchers, K.; Walles, H.; Hirth, T.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2012Künstliche Blutgefäße: Erfolgreiche Versorgung von in vitro-Geweben
Kluger, P.J.; Novosel, E.C.; Borchers, K.A.; Hirth, T.; Tovar, G.E.M.
Journal Article
2012Metabolic oligosaccharide engineering as a tool to enhance cell adhesion on titanium implant surfaces
Ruff, M.; Wieland, D.; Bach, M.; Tovar, G.; Walles, H.; Hirth, T.; Wittmann, V.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2012Oligonucleotide and parylene surface coating of polystyrene and ePTFE for improved endothelial cell attachment and hemocompatibility
Schleicher, M.; Hansmann, J.; Elkin, B.; Kluger, P.J.; Liebscher, S.; Huber, A.J.T.; Fritze, O.; Schille, C.; Müller, M.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Seifert, M.; Walles, H.; Wendel, H.-P.; Stock, U.A.
Journal Article
2011Biofunctionalization and dynamical culture of endothelial cells on new 3D-printable polymers for small diameter grafts
Novosel, E.C.; Klechowitz, N.; Schuh, C.; Fischer, A.; Meyer, W.; Wegener, M.; Krüger, H.; Borchers, K.; Walles, H.; Hirth, T.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Kluger, P.J.
Conference Paper
2011Effect of plasma-treated polystyrene surfaces on human dermal microvascular endothelial cells
Wurster, S.; Zschoerper, N.; Müller, M.; Hirth, T.; Walles, H.; Kluger, P.J.
Conference Paper
2011Endothelialization of oligonucleotide coated diX AM surfaces for in vivo tissue engineering
Schleicher, M.; Hansmann, J.; Elkin, B.; Kluger, P.J.; Liebscher, S.; Huber, A.J.; Fitze, O.; Schenke-Layland, K.; Schille, C.; Hellmer, K.H.; Walles, H.; Wendel, H.-P.; Stock, U.A.
Conference Paper
2011Evaluation of cell-material interactions on newly designed, printable polymers for tissue engineering applications
Novosel, E.C.; Meyer, W.; Klechowitz, N.; Krüger, H.; Wegener, M.; Walles, H.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Hirth, T.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2011Evaluation of plasma-functionalized bone substitutes on the adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells
Kleinhans, C.; Schneider, S.; Müller, M.; Schiestel, T.; Heymer, A.; Walles, H.; Hirth, T.; Kluger, P.J.
Conference Paper
2011Optimierung von diamantbeschichteten Implantatmaterialien für Endo-Exo-Prothesen
Kluger, P.J.; Schmid, Freia F.; Ghodbane, S.; Steinmüller-Nethl, Doris
Journal Article
2011Vascularization is the key challenge in tissue engineering
Novosel, E.C.; Kleinhans, C.; Kluger, P.J.
Journal Article
2010Electrospun poly(D/L-lactide-co-L-lactide) hybrid matrix: A novel scaffold material for soft tissue engineering
Kluger, P.J.; Wyrwa, R.; Weisser, J.; Maierle, J.; Votteler, M.; Rode, C.; Schnabelrauch, M.; Walles, H.; Schenke-Layland, K.
Journal Article
2010Galactose-functionalized surfaces for selective cultivation of primary human keratinocytes
Borchers, K.; Hoch, E.; Kluger, P.J.; Hirth, T.; Tovar, G.E.M.
2010Photocrosslinking and 3D microstructuring of gelatin for the generation of substrates for artificial cartilage
Hoch, E.; Engelhardt, S.; Pufky-Heinrich, D.; Kluger, P.J.; Hirth, T.; Tovar, G.; Borchers, K.
2010Stem cell microenvironments - unveiling the secret of how stem cell fate is defined
Votteler, M.; Kluger, P.J.; Walles, H.; Schenke-Layland, K.
Journal Article
2009Amino- and carboxy-functionalized nano- and microstructured surfaces for evaluating the impact of non-biological stimuli on adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of primary skin-cells
Borchers, K.; Kluger, P.J.; Panas, M.; Schober, L.; Tovar, G.E.M.; Mertsching, H.
Conference Paper
2009Basic research and clinical applications of non-hematopoietic stem cells, 4-5 April 2008, Tübingen, Germany
Schäfer, R.; Dominici, M.; Müller, I.; Horwitz, E.; Asahara, T.; Bulte, J.; Bieback, K.; Blanc, K. le; Bühring, H.J.; Capogrossi, M.C.; Dazzi, F.; Gorodetsky, R.; Henschler, R.; Handgretinger, R.; Kajstura, J.; Kluger, P.J.; Lange, C.; Luettichau, I. von; Mertsching, H.; Schrezenmeier, H.; Sievert, K.D.; Strunk, D.; Verfaillie, C.; Northoff, H.
Journal Article
2009Development and characterization of high volume producible micro structured surfaces for tissue engineering applications
Brecher, C.; Wenzel, C.; Pretzsch, F.; Büth, H.; Kluger, P.J.
Conference Paper
2009Induktion morphologischer und physiologischer Reaktionen primärer humaner Hautzellen durch bioinspirierte nano- und mikrostrukturierte Substrate
Kluger, P.J.