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2020Label‐free discrimination and selection of cancer cells from blood during flow using holography‐induced dielectrophoresis
Dudaie, M.; Nissim, N.; Barnea, I.; Gerling, T.; Duschl, C.; Kirschbaum, M.; Shaked, N.T.
Journal Article
2019Combining dielectrophoresis and computer vision for precise and fully automated single-cell handling and analysis
Godino, N.; Pfisterer, F.; Gerling, T.; Guernth-Marschner, C.; Duschl, C.; Kirschbaum, M.
Journal Article
2019Micropatterned Thermoresponsive Cell Culture Substrates for Dynamically Controlling Neurite Outgrowth and Neuronal Connectivity in Vitro
Behm, L.V.J.; Gerike, S.; Grauel, M.K.; Uhlig, K.; Pfisterer, F.; Baumann, W.; Bier, F.F.; Duschl, C.; Kirschbaum, M.
Journal Article
2018A simple approach for the precise measurement of surface temperature distributions on the microscale under dry and liquid conditions based on thin Rhodamine B films
Behm, L.V.J.; Schlenther, I.; Petrausch, M.; Jorde, F.; Godino, N.; Pfisterer, F.; Duschl, C.; Kirschbaum, M.
Journal Article
2017Rapid 3D refractive-index imaging of live cells in suspension without labeling using dielectrophoretic cell rotation
Habaza, Mor; Kirschbaum, Michael; Guernth-Marschner, Christian; Dardikman, Gili; Barnea, Itay; Korenstein, Rafi; Duschl, Claus; Shaked, Nathan T.
Journal Article
2015Measurement of surface-mediated Ca2+ transients on the single-cell level in a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip environment
Kirschbaum, Michael; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Duschl, Claus
Book Article
2014Luminescent dual sensors reveal extracellular pH-gradients and hypoxia on chronic wounds that disrupt epidermal repair
Schreml, S.; Meier, R.J.; Kirschbaum, M.; Kong, S.C.; Gehmert, S.; Felthaus, O.; Küchler, S.; Sharpe, J.R.; Wöltje, K.; Weiß, K.T.; Albert, M.; Seidl, U.; Schröder, J.; Morsczeck, C.; Prantl, L.; Duschl, C.; Pedersen, S.F.; Gosau, M.; Berneburg, M.; Wolfbeis, O.S.; Landthaler, M.; Babilas, P.
Journal Article
2014Microstructured thermoresponsive polymer coatings as a promising tool for controlling neurite outgrowth in artificial neuronal networks
Kirschbaum, M.; Boerner, G.; Uhlig, K.; Duschl, C.
Conference Paper
2012Highly controlled electrofusion of individually selected cells in dielectrophoretic field cages
Kirschbaum, M.; Guernth-Marschner, C.R.; Cherre, S.; Pena, A.D.; Jaeger, M.S.; Kroczek, R.A.; Schnelle, T.; Mueller, T.; Duschl, C.
Journal Article
2009Correlating short-term Ca2+ responses with long-term protein expression after activation of single T cells
Kirschbaum, M.; Jaeger, M.S.; Duschl, C.
Journal Article
2009Microfluidic platform for the initiation and investigation of cellular interactions on a single-cell level
Kirschbaum, M.; Jäger, M.S.; Duschl, C.
Conference Paper
2008Dielectrophoresis and microfluidics: Key methods for the manipulation of biological objects ranging from nanoparticles to cells
Jaeger, M.S.; Boettcher, M.; Felten, M.; Kirschbaum, M.; Marschner, C.; Duschl, C.
Conference Paper
2008Electrical stimulation-induced release of -endorphin from genetically modified neuro-2a cells
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Journal Article
2008Gravitation-driven stress-reduced cell handling
Boettcher, M.; Jaeger, M.; Kirschbaum, M.; Mueller, T.; Schnelle, T.; Duschl, C.
Journal Article
2008T cell activation on a single-cell level in dielectrophoresis-based microfluidic devices
Kirschbaum, M.; Jäger, M.S.; Schenkel, T.; Breinig, T.; Meyerhans, A.; Duschl, C.
Journal Article