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2019A comprehensive study on mmWave-based mobile hotspot network system for high-speed train communications
Kim, J.; Schmieder, M.; Peter, M.; Chung, H.; Choi, S.; Kim, I.; Han, Y.
Journal Article
2019Influence Analysis of Typical Objects in Rural Railway Environments at 28 GHz
He, D.; Ai, B.; Schmieder, M.; Zhong, Z.; Kim, J.; Hui, B.; Chung, H.; Kim, I.; Hao, Y.
Journal Article
2017Where, When, and How mmWave is Used in 5G and Beyond
Sakaguchi, K.; Haustein, T.; Barbarossa, S.; Strinati, E.C.; Clemente, A.; Destino, G.; Pärssinen, A.; Kim, I.; Chung, H.; Kim, J.; Keusgen, W.; Weiler, R.J.; Takinami, K.; Ceci, E.; Sadri, A.; Xian, L.; Maltsev, A.; Tran, G.K.; Ogawa, H.; Mahler, K.; Heath, R.W.
Journal Article
20165G CHAMPION - rolling out 5G in 2018
Mueck, M.; Strinati, E.C.; Kim, I.-G.; Clemente, A.; Dore, J.-B.; Domenico, A. de; Kim, T.; Choi, T.; Chung, H.K.; Destino, G.; Pärssinen, A.; Pouttu, A.; Latva-aho, M.; Chuberre, N.; Gineste, M.; Vautherin, B.; Monnerat, M.; Frascolla, V.; Fresia, M.; Keusgen, W.; Haustein, T.; Korvala, A.; Pettissalo, M.; Liinamaa, O.
Conference Paper