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2015Educational challenges for employees in project-based industry 4.0 scenarios
Kiesel, Maik; Wolpers, Martin
Conference Paper
2013Exploring LogiAssist - the mobile learning and assistance platform for truck drivers
Scheffel, M.; Kirschenmann, U.; Taske, A.; Adloff, K.; Kiesel, M.; Klemke, R.; Wolpers, M.
Conference Paper
2009Pore size of swelling-activated channels for organic osmolytes in Jurkat lymphocytes, probed by differential polymer exclusion
Sukhorukov, V.L.; Imes, D.; Woellhaf, M.W.; Andronic, J.; Kiesel, M.; Shirakashi, R.; Zimmermann, U.; Zimmermann, H.
Journal Article
2006Swelling-activated pathways in human T-Lymphocytes studied by cell volumetry and electrorotation
Kiesel, M.; Reuss, R.; Endter, J.; Zimmermann, D.; Zimmermann, H.; Shirakashi, R.; Bamberg, E.; Zimmermann, U.; Sukhorukov, V.L.
Journal Article